Awarded 2019 the 18th "Golden Hand Award" .by Taichung

A manual staple gun is sold to more than 50 countries around the world. It produces more than 2 million staple guns every year and is named after the -VEMAX - brand in Europe and the United States. This is from Dali District, Taichung City. "VEMAX CORPORATION" has accumulated rich achievements in 35 years and is known as a local happy enterprise. Recently, it was awarded the 18th "Golden Hand Award" by Taichung Mayor Lu Xiu-Yan.

The General manager of VEMAX CORPORATION, Lin Rui-Yuan (Arno Lin), is the farmer's son of Taichung Dali. He started from the age of 25 and joined hands with two younger brothers and his wife, Chairman Zhang Zhen-Sheng (Jasmine Chang). The company's name is named after his father, in the hope of not forgetting his father's teaching TRUST-BASED. Based on the rich experience of mold and stamping processing, the company produced stamped metal processing products at the beginning of the company's establishment, and quickly began to invest in the manual staple gun market, and gradually exported to high quality and high stability products. The market has taken a firm foothold and has become a local company that has gone out of Taiwan to market worldwide.

VEMAX CORPORATION is a professional and leading manufacturer and exporter of "manual staple gun, hammer tacker, office stapler and industrial staples" established in 1985 in Taiwan.
It has high-efficiency automation equipment, and introduced ERP system integration in 2002 to improve internal operation efficiency through data sharing, while carrying out talent training programs and cooperation with a lot of production experience. Developed more than 30 manual nail guns with rich production experience

In 2005, it passed the ISO 9001 certification. All products have passed the strict control of EU TUV-GS, and are committed to providing safe and high-quality products and services to customers all over the world. The company invested in the land and spent tens of millions of money building an air-conditioning plant and assembling an administrative building 15 years ago to allow employees to work in a comfortable environment.

Like the same family is the culture of VEMAX CORPORATION. It has a high retention rate; the concept of innovation and breakthrough has attracted young people to join the team recently. Their company loves to give back to the localities, participate in the public welfare activities of schools, police, temples and other surrounding communities to contribute money and strength, not only to fulfill social responsibilities, but also to achieve the concept of a happy enterprise.

VEMAX CORPORATION has also been awarded the Innovation and Excellence of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for four consecutive years. Looking forward to the future, General Manager Lin stressed: "To re-innovate the company for a sustainable future, pursue a win-win strategy for the economy and environmental safety, and become a designated supplier of world-renowned high-quality staple guns."

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